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To Our Valued Customers:

It is our mission to protect the health of our clients and the nation. Due to the current outbreak of CV-19, we are making our dealerships aware that as an authorized subcontractor for disinfectant and cleaning solutions for vehicles, we have taken a very in-depth approach to provide an all-inclusive disinfectant cleaning solution called Clorox 360 Sanitizing System.

At Invisible Dents, our sanitation process has been used for a long time in disinfecting vehicles and living spaces for high-risk persons. It is designed to protect from the flu and other viruses. The process has also been used to kill mold spores in hard to reach areas.

As an authorized partner with Auto Nation, Jeep West, Planet Honda, and Christopher
Dodge, give us a call to schedule a quote.

Please note we only work directly with other business and due to health regulations are not open to the general public.

Invisible Dents