About Us



Since 2015, Invisible Dents has been providing their first in class paintless dent repair (PDR) and full interior and exterior detailing services to Denver, CO and its surrounding areas. We have over 20+ years of industry experience, having worked with clients all over the world performing PDR and detailing on all makes and models of vehicles. All our repair work is backed with a lifetime guarantee, suggesting only work that you need and nothing more.

What is PDR and how does it differ from traditional body work repairs?

Simply put, paintless dent repair is the process of removing small dents and hail damage on your vehicle. The most important difference that makes PDR different than traditional body work, is that you preserve your vehicle’s original paint and body panels. PDR has the additional benefits that its faster, with typical turnaround times of 1-2 days and doesn’t void vehicle manufacture warranty keeping your vehicles value unimpacted.

Despite what other body shops will have you believe, your factory paint is the best paint your vehicle can have, so why replace it or paint it reducing your cars value, when it can be repaired instead without impacting your vehicles value?

Sometimes damage is severe enough that PDR can’t be used, and we will need to replace a panel and match the paint to the factory color. Please note paintless dent repair services may not be your solution if your vehicle has experienced collision damage.

At this point you would need to take your vehicle to a body shop as other structural, electrical, and mechanical component might have been damaged needing to be repaired or replaced. If your car has had previous body work done, we can still help but please note performing repairs on aftermarket paint may flake off in the PDR process and will need additional services.

Just looking to have your car cleaned and polished, with our full interior and exterior detail services we have you taken care of. What makes our detailing process different from our competitors is that we go the extra mile. We start with claying down your car to remove all the dirt and debris of day-to-day seasonal driving. From there we wash, wax, and highspeed buff your car to a beautiful shine. As for the interior, we will remove stains, clean and condition your interior panels and seats to restore that plush look and feel.


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